Rob Wiltbank – Project Lead

Rob is a 35-year old father of two and has been married for close to ten years to his wife Krista.  After spending fifteen years in the computer hardware industry, he obtained his A.A.S (cum laude) in Computer Information Systems and is a web and database application developer and adjunct faculty at Delaware Technical & Community College.  He is currently working towards a B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Delaware before moving on to Widener University for his Juris Doctor.

Looking to focus on Constitutional and Criminal Law, Rob found his love of law after becoming involved in researching firearms law.  He eventually founded Delaware Open Carry, a group dedicated to promoting firearms safety and awareness through the open carry of firearms and activism.

While Neil tends to his academic, personal and family commitments, Rob has taken the reins to Life of a Law Student to ensure the projects’ continued growth.

E-mail: wiltbank at gmail dot com (Or use the Contact Us link)

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