Purpose of LoaLS

To make as much legal knowledge and information freely available, to as many people, in as many ways, as is possible!

Life of a Law Student sprang about from many interrelated motivations. In his last quarter of undergraduate, Neil Wehneman prepared an informal paper on what it would take to improve the number and quality of law-related Wikipedia articles. One of the keys that he quickly recognized was providing resources to enable non-lawyers and non-law students to contribute into law-related articles. Providing a significant amount of audio on structured legal instruction could help enable these non-lawyers and non-law students.

At the same time, Neil understood that the post-law school positions he was strongly interested in would be largely made available to graduates from Stanford, Yale, Harvard and the like. To compete effectively, he would need to find a way to establish credibility and reputation as someone both skilled and passionate about copyright and technology law. Executing on a project such as LoaLS would go a long way towards establishing this credibility.

Additionally, knowing that he would need to soon “re-lecture” on what he was learning in law school would give him an added incentive to attend class, ask intelligent questions, and ensure he understood the material.

Finally, general knowledge deserves to be shared for its own sake. Specific knowledge of copyright / technology law deserves to be shared to equip the broader community desiring a balanced copyright / technology law policy.

Rob Wiltbank has taken over as Project Lead while Neil is finishing his course work and, in the coming years, Rob anticipates recording himself, guiding and assisting other students (both law and undergraduate) in recording their courses, and aggregating together existing content from professors, practitioners, and others.  Expanding the LoaLS concept into specific non-doctrinal areas (ie “Relevant legal concepts if you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute”) and into non-legal subjects (ie history, or biology) are also long-term possibilities.

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  1. Parham Fatehi

    Great program, great project. Its nice of you to share LS knowledge beyond the walls of a brick and mortar school to those who are curious about the legal process, schooling system and life of a law student.. but are deliberating the opportunity cost of law school.

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