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Life of a Law Student and its creator, Neil Wehneman, were featured in the October 7th, 2005 issue of The New York Times.  The article, entitled “Opening Arguments, Endlessly”, can be found at The New York Times’ website or in an archived PDF format.

Life of a Law Student also recieved a nod from The Legal Underground for having good updates — in particular, they enjoyed the attention that Rob Wiltbank brough to the Summer 1L YouTube video, I Don’t Know What I’ll Do This Summer. The Frugal Law Student has also recommended us for well-produced, high quality content.

The American Bar Association has recognized Life of a Law Student in the November 2006 edition of “Student Lawyer,” now reposted on — see at the bottom box entitled, “A Law Student Podcaster.”

If your media outlet is interested in including Life of a Law Student in an upcoming article, feel free to Contact Us for information!

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