Other Contributers

The following individuals have been gracious enough to contribute their “extra-curricular” material to Life of a Law Student (either explicitly or through a Creative Commons License).

Ira Krakow
Ira Krakow is a programmer and historian from Boston, with an M.A. in History. His United States Constitution Podcast appears next to many Constitutional Law episodes, as well as some Property Law ones. Although Ira encourages re-posting of his material, he does not currently use a Creative Commons license.
Evan Schaeffer
Evan Schaeffer is a writer and practicing plaintiff’s lawyer in St. Louis, focusing on consumer law and personal injury. His Legal Underground podcast was one of the first law-related podcasts, and appears next to some Civil Procedure episodes. Evan uses a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license for his blog and podcast posts.
The newest contributors include the team at caraccidentlawyerdenver.co.
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