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Common Sense: Alcohol with Energy Drinks Is Dangerous

I started writing this article the other day for an attorney law blog and realized how silly it sounded. I put in all of the work and then realized that probably everyone knows that sipping on that Red Bull and Vodka isn’t any good for you. Although I decided not to publish on my firm’s website, I have decided instead to post it here.

TLDR; If you want to be healthy don’t drink energy drinks and alcohol together.

Article is Below:

There has been a strong spotlight recently on the risks that are associated with energy drinks that are high in caffeine. However, many youngsters are now trying out a dangerous combination of alcohol and energy drinks.

An Australian study focused on the increasing trend of young adults mixing alcohol and energy drinks. Many young adults looking for heightened hedonistic pleasure are experimenting with such lethal cocktails. The kind of rush that they get from drinking these beverages seems to override their fear of getting addicted to these beverages, or overdoses. There are potentially deadly consequences linked to such intoxication levels. The risks of being involved in alcohol-related car accidents, rapes, sexual assault and other crimes is simply too real.

The findings of the study are expected to be published soon in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal. Across Australia, energy drinks have become very popular among young people, and approximately 15% of patrons in five Australian cities had consumed these alcohol plus energy drink combinations at the time of the survey. They also found that persons who had used alcohol plus energy drink combos showed much higher blood alcohol concentration levels, than those who had not used such beverages.

Just under half of young adults included in the survey admitted to mixing energy drinks with alcohol over the past six months. Those rates are very similar to those found in other countries, including the United States. The respondents also admitted to drinking these combinations in excess of the recommended guidelines.

Overall, young adults are using these alcohol – energy drink combinations to get drunk, and for other hedonistic motives. These are the same motives that incite people to get intoxicated on alcohol alone.

The irony is that very often, young adults drink alcohol- energy drink combinations to become sober after drinking alcohol. In such cases, the opposite happens -the person actually gets more intoxicated.

The Art of the Law School Transfer

As many of you know, I transferred law schools after my 1L year. Many law students consider transferring after their 1L year, generally to move to a higher ranked school.

I transferred because I was marrying someone out of state (and dropping a little in the law school rankings), so I didn’t have the same academic pressure. Unfortunately, that transfer process did not go smoothly for me.

Thankfully, a LoaLS listener has written a comprehensive guide on transferring, appropriately entitled The Art of the Law School Transfer. I provided my narrative as an epilogue, and the book is now available! The author was kind enough to send me a review copy.

Here’s my official “review” of The Art of the Law School Transfer: “Any law student that isn’t 100% satisfied with their current school should invest the time and money to read this book. Well-written, practical, and comprehensive, The Art of the Law School Transfer walks you through the entire tightrope that is transferring: from whether you should consider transferring to how to succeed at your new school.”

You can buy The Art of the Law School Transfer via

- Neil

LoaLS #1 on Online Schools Blog Choice

I found out this morning that Life of a Law Student is the top choice over at OnlineSchools.Org on their list of 100 Best Blogs for Law School Students.

“Law school is an arduous ordeal few are prepared to undertake. In recent years, the proliferation of technology has made it easier for students to get study tips, career advice or anything else they may need. Blogs have been especially useful for sharing information between people. Whether you’re already in law school or are thinking about applying check out the 100 best blogs for law school students.”

Head on over to their Blog Post and check out their article!

Fixing Podcasts

Greetings, folks!

So, in the course of migration from Podango, several of our podcasts had become corrupted.  I have begun restoring the process from DVD backup, though it will take a while.  Criminal Law has been fixed as well as Property Law — the others will need to be manually edited since our automated process for assembling the episode together with the intro and outro is gone.

I appreciate your patience!

Feed Woes Update

It pays to be a programmer sometimes.

I just finished writing a script to migrate our database so the podcasts, which previously pointed to the Podango feed, now point to a valid source location.  You can now listen to our podcasts through the website or you can subscribe to the various classes at our feedpage — you can click the iTunes Subscribe button and it will add that feed to the list of your podcasts using iTunes as your podcatcher.  You can find our feed list here:

NOTE: Subscribing through the iTunes Store will still be problematic as we have to speak with iTunes support to make that change for us and those types of requests usually take some time to process.   So, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could pass along the word about the update.

Oh, and Happy New Year folks. :)

Of Feeds and Technical Difficulties

Greetings, folks…

As of December 31st, 2008, our primary feed provider, Podango, decided to reorganize and switch from a free-based service to a fee-based service.  In true internet fashion, they gave everyone about a weeks notice to switch everything over and forward their RSS feeds.  Being in and out of the hospital after Christmas, needless to say I had zero time to accomplish this, so we’ll be having a period of maintenance ourselves while we switch all of our podcasts from podango feeds to another feed service or host the feed ourselves.

I want to stress that no content has been lost — we have all of our episodes, so we’re golden there…  please just bear with us as we go through this period of reorganization.

The Constution, Bill of Rights and Bankrupcy Procedures

Fitz, over at The Law Pod, has updated his iPod Touch and iPhone resource with the Constitution and the Amendments along with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.  Interestingly, you can browse to the pages directly on your PC or Macintosh, but only with Safari (Apple’s browser) or Google’s “Chrome”, but only because it used Apple’s toolkit to develop it, so those two browsers support iPhone and iPod Touch formatted pages and features.

Thanks for the update, Fitz!

Federal Rules

Fitz, over at The Law Pod, has a great resource for your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

Law Pod’s web applications can be quickly and easily installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch by following the directions on the law pod home page. The Law Pod currently features the following web applications:

- Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
- Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
- Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
- Federal Rules of Evidence

Upcoming Law Pod web applications include:
- Model Penal Code
- U.S. Constitution + Amendments
- Federal Rules of Bankruptcy
- And Many More!

The Law Pod is a perfect companion for lawyers and law students.

You can find more information at Apple’s Website or, again, at The Law Pod.  Thanks, Fitz!