Category: Torts

Torts #53: Trespass to Land or Chattels / Conversion

Trespass to land is entering onto someone’s property without permission. Trespass to chattels is temporary or partial interference with someone’s ownership of movable property. Conversion is the complete interference or destruction of movable property. We will look at these torts with specific cases.

Dougherty v. Stepp
CompuServe Inc. v. Cyber Promotions, Inc.
Parish v. Machlan

Torts #49: Battery

Battery is perhaps the simplest intentional tort, but still has its share of complexity. We will discuss the elements of battery, the distinction between single intent and dual intent requirements, and how mentally ill defendants are treated in regards to battery.

Wallace v. Rosen
Leichtman v. WLW Jacor Communications
Manning v. Grimsley
McGuire v. Almy
White v. Muniz

Torts #45: Defenses

Just because a defendant has fulfilled the black-letter law elements of the tort doesn’t mean that they will have to pay out. Assumption of the risk and the open and obvious doctrine can provide relief to such a defendant.

Seigneur v. National Fitness Institute, Inc.
Thompson v. McNeill
Rees v. Cleveland Indians
Armstrong v. Best Buy